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International Accreditation and Recognition

CISML is expanding registration and accreditation with National and International Qualification Frameworks in North America, Europe and Asia.

The purpose is to achieve international recognition and acceptance of its Professional Qualifications and Memberships.

Therefore, CISML's Learning and Qualifications are delivered and accessed in compliance with the contents, levels, learning outcome, assessment criteria and quality assurance requirements of major United States/North American and European Qualification Frameworks, especially the following:

  • American Credentialing Framework/National Qualification Framework (NQF)
  • UK NARIC - UK National Agency for Regulating International Certificates.
  • European Credit Framework.
  • UK Qualification and Credit Framework(QCF) - RAF and Qfqual.
  • Asian Qualification Reference Framework(AQRF)

These voluntary compliance, evaluations and accreditations give CISML qualifications, Professional Membership and Chartered Status Licensing critical international reputation and career success advantage.

Our Vision

To be the standard pacesetter, quality bearer and most respected professional body in Strategic Management and Leadership Excellence, and to see highly performing and greatly demanded members and chartered practitioners, as well as strategically managed and excellently led organizations and nations, globally.

Mission Statement

CISML is committed to:

  • Growing the number, standard, employability, performance and status of professionally qualified Strategic Managers, Strategic Leaders and Performance Consultants globally.
  • Developing and positioning members and Chartered Strategic Management Practitioners for highest level of Professionalism, Performance and Prestige globally.
  • Sensing the impulse of present and future development and practices in Strategic Management, in order to consistently produce dynamic, high performing and future ready strategic managers, leaders and consultants.
  • Operating a global, mini-virtual and mini-multinational professional body,through collaborations, affiliations and networking with other institutions, business schools, corporations and other professional bodies in different continents and nations.